Friday, July 17, 2009

Sports talk radio expanding on FM band

  • CBS Radio to start FM sports talk to rival WEEI.
Boston.com: "CBS Radio revealed yesterday that it will launch a new sports-talk station, named 98.5 The Sports Hub, on Aug. 13 in Boston. The station, which will be heard at 98.5 FM and have the call letters WBZ-FM pending FCC approval, will try to lure listeners with
  • call-in shows and broadcasts of New England Patriots and Boston Bruins games....

More broadly, yesterday’s announcement underscores the continuing extension of the talk radio format, long a mainstay of AM radio, into FM territory. Sports radio has proven to be a lucrative format because of its appeal to a

  • demographic that can be hard to reach: young and middle-aged male listeners. FM stations are increasingly trying to grab a piece of that audience, with sports-talk shows on FM in Detroit, Dallas, Washington, and, soon, Boston."...

by Don Aucoin, 7/15/09, "FM Start-up Muscling into Sports Talk" via Radio Daily News

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