Monday, May 11, 2009

Use of trick phrases changes public opinion

In spite of massive media efforts to sell the urgency of 'cap and trade' and 'global warming,' the public has figured out these trillion dollar scams. Or at least they don't view them exactly the way the 'thought police' want. Alarmed at this turn of events, the government has decided to push forward and just use more nebulous words to describe the events. To fool the people.
  • Now when Obama talks about
forcing companies to bid at auction for the right to emit greenhouse gases,
  • hinting at a rich new employment source."...'Buzzwords: Rephrasing Obama's Lexicon"
via Lucianne.com
  • With compliant media in tow, the worst crimes against humanity become simple. Just look at what Bud Selig has accomplished with this advantage. sm


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