Friday, April 17, 2009

Neil Best interviewed by Al Jazeera outside Yankee Stadium

Neil Best Watchdog, 4/17/09: "That's it for me. It's been a surprisingly limited, lackluster week of blogging, given that I attended two historic stadium openings, met Erin Andrews, saw 85-year-old Jerry Coleman on the F train at 11 p.m., (and) Al Jazeera had previously sought to build on its mainstream appeal via Mr. Best and the Yankees. Mr. Best's 4/4/09 blog entry about the new Yankee clubhouse:
  • I was scheduled to be interviewed before the game about high ticket prices by Al Jazeera. ...
Sports by Brooks noted 1/9/09 that Al Jazeera targeted sports to increase its global influence. From Sports by Brooks on Al Jazeera's pitch: and However, we're greatly relieved. A brand new report from the Obama administration Department of Homeland Security assures us the only terror threat the United States faces is from its own citizens. Especially returning war veterans who might be potential right wing extremists. Top photo of Al Jazeera studio from Honest Reporting, 2/22/04. Bottom ad from front page of NY Times website, 1/09/09

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