Friday, April 03, 2009

Ken Davidoff ranks closers, 2009 MLB preview

Simply the best of all time. Rivera's smooth-as-silk delivery and explosive cut fastball make him durable and dominant. At 39, despite coming off right shoulder surgery, he's given little indication that he's ready to come down from the closer mountaintop. He put up one of his finest seasons in 2008, despite an odd tendency to struggle in tie games. He's signed through next year, and right now, you'd be a fool to bet that he won't still be closing games for the Yankees in 2011 and beyond. Hold off on those discussions as to who will replace Mo.
  • 2. Joe Nathan
  • 3. Jonathan Papelbon
  • 4. Francisco Rodriguez
  • 5. Joakim Soria
  • 6. Brad Lidge
  • 7. Brian Fuentes
  • 8. Jonathan Broxton
  • 9. Jose Valverde
  • 10. Matt Capps
  • 11. Bobby Jenks
  • 12. Kerry Wood
  • 13. Heath Bell
  • 14. Trevor Hoffman
Newsday 2009 MLB preview

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