Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama cheerleader on WFAN with Mike Francesa

Carl Jeffers, described as a political analyst, on WFAN because Mike says Obama has an 'important' speech tonight. That in itself is a matter of opinion if one keeps up with the news. While allowing some notes of caution, Jeffers is an Obama lover and uses most opportunities to marvel at how smart or skillful the guy is (although we were not allowed to see any of his school records), that 'government is the answer,' and directs the conversation into areas that deflect attention from the real problem. No one read the $1 trillion stimulus bill that was recently passed. That would be a firing offense anywhere else but government. This country does not need another media guy (Jeffers) selling White House spin. While Obama has been elected, they seem perplexed that this is not yet a totalitarian dictatorship. As far as a sports talk show host conducting a news interview, Francesa has always seemed as interested in news as he is in sports and is able to carry it off under the circumstances. Addendum: Carl Jeffers has been on with Mike before, most recently on 11/4/08, and was on with Imus when he was at WFAN.

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  • Did you listen to the interview? Let me guess you another Republican nay sayer?

    By Blogger Cobia, at 8:07 PM  

  • I did listen to the interview but I didn't need to. I could have told you ahead of time everything he'd say on a given topic. As far as the Republican Party, it no longer exists, thanks to their own poor behavior but mainly due to the actions of George Bush. The few that remain are mainly interested in media appearances and perhaps their next career as a lobbyist. The democrats have no real opposition, although they keep mentioning the Republicans in various news stories. Believe me, you have no worries, the world is at your feet. You are correct that I have a very different world view than that of Mr. Jeffers and Mr. Obama. That doesn't make me a naysayer. It makes me a realist and I can defend all my principles.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 8:32 PM  

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