Thursday, January 01, 2009

From 38 Pitches, HOF question, and legitimacy of 'heart and soul' guys

12/29/08 Schilling Mini-Mailbag:
  • Answer (Schilling): No
12/25/08 Schilling, "A Second look at a few things:
  • Take the 2004 Yankees on paper, play them against ANY other 2004 team and play a 5×5 league. How do they fare?

There is so much that happens outside the 3-4 hours of games each day that impact and influence teams in a way

(***Of note, a BBWAA member recognizing post season success as qualifier for HOF (which it obviously is and should be to anyone of conscience). Baseball media in recent years has deliberately downplayed legitimate post season work. The idea they're pushing is it discriminates against players who weren't 'lucky' enough to be in the post season. Denying someone's life work is pretty serious, but the BBWAA is pretty serious about whose record they want to polish up (or down) for their awards. Documented numerous times on this blog.) sm

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