Friday, January 16, 2009

Environmental swat team needed--Minnesota schools close due to biofuel failure.

(Al Gore could not be reached for comment as he was out on his new houseboat).The so-called green movement has succeeded in closing down a Minnesota school district. Mandated biofuel congealed and wrecked the school buses. In the process children's health and safety were imperiled. The state of Minnesota required the buses to use biodiesel which is obviously ineffective and unsafe. MLB teams dazzled by the sheer 'progressiveness' of the green movement, should reconsider their biofuel 'offsets' purchases.

Rick Kaufman, the district's spokesman, said elements in the biodiesel fuel that turn into a gel-like substance at temperatures below 10 degrees clogged about a dozen district buses Thursday morning. Some buses weren't able to operate at all and others experienced problems while picking up students, he said....

  • The decision to close school today came after district officials consulted with several neighboring districts that were experiencing similar problems. Bloomington staffers tried to get a waiver to bypass the state requirement and use pure diesel fuel,
  • but they weren't able to do so in enough time, Kaufman said. They also decided against scheduling a two-hour delay because the temperatures weren't expected to rise enough that the problem would be eliminated."
*In a last ditch effort, the school system tried to reach billionaire global greenie George Soros, but he too was out on a boat. Seen last at a Bon Jovi party in St. Barts. photo from NY Post

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