Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Tonight's edition of Yankee bashing is brought to you by Radio Shack and Duracell'

Overheard on Fox Sports Radio JT the Brick program tonight. Big money in negativity I guess. I had tuned to XM 175 earlier in the evening because I saw Rob Dibble's name on the screen. I hadn't heard him in a few days (he's on vacation) and didn't think he'd be too thrilled. It turns out Rob was calling in as a guest of Ed Randall.
  • With Randall setting the tone for the evening, it could only be a vale of tears and gut wrenching pain. Bud Selig has a reliable kindred spirit in Ed Randall. (It is Bud Selig's channel after all). I'd say play Ed for the guys at Gitmo and they'll give up all their secrets.

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