Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Having felt dwarfed by Red Sox web of power

  • Bill James, Red Sox advisor.
Bottom photo from his August 2008 appearance on 60 Minutes. Normally I wouldn't mention something like this but I had been feeling dwarfed by the Red Sox network television, Hollywood, federal government, and overall media power axis. That won't change, but I heard a radio talker say Bill James was high on Teixeira.
  • UPDATE: Hearing Buck Showalter's views on Teixeira on ESPN 1050AM with Max Kellerman, one is not left with a warm feeling. Showalter predicted Teixeira would deliver well statistically for the Yankees, would not go so far as to say he'd be a good team mate. I get the feeling he'll be a cross between A-rod and Carlos Beltran, not what you want if you need to win in the post season (as well as April). Nevertheless, the team does need him. (sm)

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