Thursday, November 06, 2008

YES Network's needs have been beating the Yankee team

The YES Network may prefer homerun hitters and big name free agents to beef up ratings, but that wasn't the prescription for Yankee championship teams. The YES Network's enormous needs have won out so far over simply putting together a winning team.
  • Matt Eagan says some anticipate the Yankees will spend again this year for big stars but notes it's a mistake:
"The Yankees seem on the precipice of making the same mistake they made when they started YES. They want stars for their new ballpark but will end up with a lumpy, misshapen team that doesn't quite have the chemistry to win as many games as it should.
  • The Yankees should keep their money and use it where they can fill an actual hole, such as center field. They should commit to Hughes and Kennedy for another year, because young pitchers don't always follow a straight-line progression.
They should remember how they built their teams that won and focus their huge cash advantage The fans in the new stadium will like winning better than watching famous players

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