Sunday, October 26, 2008

On advice to lower the volume on WFAN's morning show

(NY Post, Mushnick): "WFAN's station manager, Mark Chernoff, recently responded to a complaint about the vulgar content of the Craig Carton-Boomer Esiason morning drive show with a defense of the program as one "meant to appeal first and foremost to 25-54 year old males."

Brilliant solution.

But Chernoff's claim of a 25-54 target audience seems disingenuous, too. Carton and Esiason, as heard Thursday and Friday, could not have been targeting adult listeners when they had tons of naughty hilarity making fun of the last name of Arkansas QB, Casey Dick. Yep, that's what passes for adult sports fan entertainment on that show.

  • Esiason, Friday, signed off with this clever line: "My testicles are swollen."
  • Certainly, the male target audience of this pathetic show can't possibly be any older than third or fourth-graders."

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