Thursday, September 18, 2008

The media is the message--they said so in Time Magazine.

From Time Magazine on how traditional media arrange for a passive and befuddled public to think the way they want you to. The writer (a managing editor) references how news gets to be news in political campaigns--they decide (similar to what ESPN sees as its role--they decide what is sports news). Everything in the paragraph is wrong (especially about "their polls" which are easy to manipulate for a desired result). The pomposity is worse than I could've imagined. (If you have any role, it is self appointed and imaginary). (Not true. Just give the candidates a microphone and let them talk to the public). (Polls are easy to manipulate in numerous ways-first on the subject matter, second on what questions, third on their wording, fourth on the respondents you choose, etc.)
  • and making big stories out of trivial ones.
  • It's disingenuous to say we're just the messenger,
Time Magazine says they are the message. This is what they think.
  • via Lucianne.com

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