Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tampa Rays fan not allowed to wear "Red Sox suck t-shirt" at Trop

Caller to 1010AM radio in Tampa, big Rays fan, went to game last night, was told by stadium personnel he could not wear the t-shirt. The fan was quite upset, wondered if management even knew this policy was being perpetrated. Said the Rays are very family-oriented and want a kid-friendly atmosphere, hence frowning on controversial t-shirts. 1010 host Bobby Fenton empathized with the fan, who also noted the place was awash in Red Sox fans, huge cheers when Youkilis came to the plate, almost nothing when Evan Longoria came up. Fan would've liked to have more Rays' spirit with inclusion of t-shirt.

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  • You can't get more Rays spirit. They don't have any. This is the most pathetic team in MLB. The reason they wouldn't let this douche wheere his Red Sox suck shirt is most likely that they didn't want him getting his head bashed in by the predominantly Red Sox fan crowd. Christ before you say other teams suck, try winning. Yeah I know, you won the AL east last year.....but what happened this ear? Move this team to a place where they deserve to have a franchise and people will actually come and root the home team on. If it weren't for the unoriginal adoption of the cowbell in Tampa all you would hear are cheers for the visiting team. PATHETIC!

    By Blogger Sean, at 5:40 PM  

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