Friday, June 27, 2008

NY Times also thinks game turned on Jeter's bunt

Earlier today I posted: "Jeter choosing to bunt with the score 4-3 spelled impending doom." (NY Times):"Before the Yankees and the Mets played the second game at Shea Stadium, Jeter was third on the Yankees’ career list with 2,439 hits. He has 70 career sacrifices, but he will not be remembered for those bunts. The Yankees could have damaged Pelfrey when Jeter decided to bunt in the fourth, but they wasted the opportunity.
  • It was one bunt, one forgotten play in a game that seemed like it would never end, especially to the Yankees. But, in a subtle way, it was one of the plays that wounded the Yankees and revived the Mets. The Mets used some erratic Yankee relievers as their version of smelling salts, pelting them the way Jeter usually hits the Mets."
P.S. If Mike Francesa were talking about this game, he'd probably talk about this bunt of Jeter's. Over the years Jeter has chosen to bunt in some unfortunate situations and Mike has noticed it. (sm)

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