Friday, June 27, 2008

If a team's hope is Eric Bedard, baseball is not the success it's painted to be

Hearing more chat today about how Eric Bedard has a history of "not wanting to go deep into games," forcing the team to bring in a reliever--if they have one considering relievers are also in short supply--it is obvious baseball is not nearly as successful as its #1 sales guy tells you. A major problem like Bedard should not be considered to have present value. He doesn't. Baltimore never would've traded him unless he were a problem. Yet 2 guys on XM were saying maybe the Yankees should get him. The Yankees may be desperate, but why would they give up good players they already have to take on someone who can't pitch? Unless you want them to trade Carl Pavano (who probably has a no-trade clause) for Bedard with the Mariners paying them $50 million on top of that, that might be OK. Why not discuss MLB's political moves, such as putting a first round World Baseball Classic in Mexico where brutal kidnappings and murders are allowed by the government?

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