Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Outside Camden Yards it's Eutaw not Utah

Suzyn Waldman notes a street outside Camden Yards which sounded like "Utah" Street (where Giambi hit it high, far, etc.) But Kat O'Brien's report on the night informs me the street is spelled "Eutaw." Suzyn interviewed Chad Moeller after the game discussing pitchers tonight. About Mo he said:
  • "It's an honor to be on the field with him. There's nobody like him, never has been and probably never will be."
The still employed international celebrity Sheldon Ocker left Rivera's name entirely off his 2005 AL Cy Young ballot (Rivera came in #1 on the James/Neyer AL Cy Young Predictor, but Ocker enhanced his own career arc by in effect saying: Mo does not exist because I said so, and I'm the conscience of the game). Ocker:
  • outside of New York now,
  • he'd probably have to save 65 games.'' "
From NY Times article by Tyler Kepner, 11/9/05, "Award Eludes Rivera, Colon Wins Cy Young"
  • ("Outside of New York now?" ERIC WEDGE ISN'T IN NEW YORK AND HE NOTICED. Rivera pitched 2 innings in the "Bugs" game and got Wedge's attention. Ocker would deny a pitcher's life work (ie, difficulty of saves, deadlocked pennant race, pitching 6 out of 8 days in that stretch in Sept. 2005, etc.) in the BBWAA "total save stat" contest. It's so fun and so easy--just pick the right voters. sm

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