Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why Radomski, Canseco, etc.--but not John Rocker? How about some cement shoes?--NY Post

Those defining the daily discourse eschewed recent John Rocker comments involving Bud Selig and other officials as a "joke," more "steroids nonsense." Why shouldn't Rocker's words be taken to the bank as other weirdos' words have recently? Answer: Are you kidding? Baseball is a legal monopoly.
  • (New York Post): "AS MEASURING sticks go, Major League Baseball is no longer a game of inches, but a game of degrees and deep impressions.

Thus, when someone with as little credibility as John Rocker makes some claim that baseball, specifically Bud Selig, knew he was doing steroids in 2000, his claim is not easily dismissed. Not these days. Even John Rocker has more credibility than Major League Baseball.

And at a time when big league baseball looks more like a crime family, the team owners, to whom Selig is fully pledged, gave Selig an extension on his contract. Just look at those profits!

  • That's where the word unfathomable comes from, something so low it's immeasurable."
From NY Post article by Phil Mushnick, "Major League Baseball is off its Rocker," 2/15/08

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