Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The one move the Yankees made that doomed the deal (which turns out to be good)

A commenter to Peter Abraham's Lohud Yankee blog just said this and it makes sense:
  • *The Yankees sealed themselves out of the Santana deal when they put Phil Hughes in it.*
  • Because after withdrawing that deal (which was offered in haste and shouldn't have been), any other batch of offerings wouldn't be taken seriously by the Twins. They'd always have Hughes in their mind, no matter what scruffy packages other teams might offer.
  • There are several reasons the Yankees shouldn't have made the deal for Santana anyway. I hope the Mets finally sign him. Keeping Jeff Wilpon out of the room will help.
I expect the weak sisters at the YES Network will continue to show weepy loving footage of Santana for at least the next year as they did throughout 2006 and 2007 while ignoring the Yankees' own best pitcher.

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