Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Congress should intervene on Santana deal--Forbes, Ozanian

"Commissioner Bud Selig should be act in the best interests of baseball and have Pohlad keep Santana. I realize Selig works for the owners and is the highest paid league czar in the land. But how can he not be greatly disturbed by what is happening in Minnesota? ..."Pohlad is worth $3 billion and could pay Santana his $150 million out of petty cash. And Minnesota taxpayers are going to pay for about two-thirds of a new, cash-rich stadium for the Twins. The $522 million stadium, which should be ready for the 2010 season, will give Pohlad’s team the bulk of the revenue. Instead of showing his appreciation for the new stadium by keeping Santana and making the Twins a contender for the postseason, Pohlad is giving the taxpayers the finger."

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