Thursday, November 08, 2007

To Save Baseball in Florida: Start with Sports Bars -WHERE YOU HAVE SPORTS FANS WHO DON'T KNOW BASEBALL EXISTS.

"...if the Florida teams sank in Florida’s waters,
  • Major League Baseball wouldn’t miss them — the Rays, with their infrastructure, and the Marlins, without their new structure."
From NY Times article by Murray Chass, "Florida Sun Doesn't Shine on Baseball," 11/08/07 Having spent time in Florida the past few years, I can suggest one specific thing to help the almost hopeless situation. And it's relatively free:
  • Get a television set in all the sports bars tuned to a baseball game. I've described previously on this blog how pathetic the situation is in Florida. First, no one has heard of baseball here. Second, you can go into a sports bar in Tampa with 15 or 20 tv screens during baseball playoffs and none will be on baseball. And the head bartender has never heard of the YES Network. This is in Tampa.
Human beings are born knowing nothing. Everything they do is learned. Therefore if someone says, "people just don't like baseball here," they're either lazy or lying.

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