Saturday, September 22, 2007

Joel Sherman & John Sterling show pop culture awareness in 9th inning, score 11-11

This exchange was noted on another blog, I couldn't listen myself at that point. The Mets game appeared in the bag, so he dialed over to check out the 11-11 Blue Jays/Yankees game in the 9th, saying:
  • "I haven't listened to Yankee radio in a long time but I just switched over from the Mets game because that game is "in the bag" and the Yankees and Blue Jays are tied at 11. So the guy who is doing radio now with John Sterling, (Joel Sherman), (Suzyn Waldman is out atoning for her sins)
  • says 'Mariano Rivera coming into this game is like Gisele Bunching (sic) walking into an Ugly Festival.'
And then John Sterling says 'it's like in My Fair Lady, the tune "I'd rather have a choir singing flat" well Mariano coming in is like Ella Fitzgerald walking in on that choir."" (Sterling has seen every pitch Rivera has thrown in the major leagues. Sherman has followed him closely from the beginning and has studied and written much about him). "After the 14-inning horror show late Friday, Joe Torre needed to run in the junior varsity yesterday, conducting a game of musical chairs to see if any of the reserve pitchers could be trusted in the postseason. As far as I can tell, nobody made the cut, except for that young feller, No. 42." Also from the NY Times from the substitute beat writer, Bill Finley--I agree, 20 pitches is a lot for 1 inning for Mariano--bad, bad. First batter an infield grounder. Then he gave up a double to a light hitter. While this runner was in scoring position, Mariano faced the next 2 batters, both of whom struck out swinging. The score was tied, so a run could've meant winning the game for Toronto. At this point, the season is still on the line, so a loss might've meant a lost season (meaning no post season). I agree, it wasn't a 5 or 6 pitch inning and it did have the double. But, this is how the NY Times guy described it--which will be sent all around the world with the greatest authority:
  • "Torre brought in Mariano Rivera for the ninth inning. He got through the inning, but even he was shaky...."
From NY times article by Bill Finley, "Yanks' Offense Finally Closes the Door When Bullpen Can't," 9/23/07.
  • "Shaky" is what the world will see and remember. It's the NY Times' judgment. Their columnist Murray Chass also has an article for tomorrow's edition--he wrote about various bullpen situations, mentioning several teams. He mentioned the Yankees but just as a team Boston plays, nothing about their bullpen, which for me is a plus. It makes life easier for me. I only note it for those who believe so-called New York newspapers are biased in favor of the Yankees.

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  • Glad you got a kick out of that! It was such an odd exchange.

    By Blogger fairest, at 1:18 AM  

  • Definitely did--glad you noted them. I thought right away Sterling's Broadway-related comment made sense as I've heard him make similar references over the years. Sherman's super-model one was funny.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 1:35 AM  

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