Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Staggering" negativity in NY from media & fans--exec. to Joel Sherman

9/21/07, NY Post:"As a rival executive (of the Yankees) said recently,
  • “...It is staggering the amount of negative noise that comes in New York (from media and fans) when your team spends that much money, has their expectations and has their history. It is bad anywhere, but in New York it is so much louder and so much more relentless. To stay the course, to stay yourself, I really admire that.”"
From Joel Sherman's NY Post column, 9/21/07, "Steadiness and Sturdiness."
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The NY Post ran the following grabber in the banner on top of its sports page on 9/23/07:
  • "So this what a $200 million tiara looks like sitting on top of a pig's head. While the Yankees' 12-11, 10-inning victory over..."
Anybody can make the human experience worse. This was copy from NY Post beat writer, George King.
  • Then this item from Phil Mushnick's NY Post column about how you've been told by our cultural leaders that bad language is fine. But they didn't say you'll still get bashed if you're a Yankee:
"All the Yankees' Shelley Duncan had to do was write "Red Sox Stink!" instead of the word he used, and his autograph, to that 10-year-old Boston fan, would have been cute instead of vulgar. But at 27, it's not Duncan's fault.
  • He was raised at a time when multimedia and sports marketing strategists decided that good is bad, bad is good, and worse is even better.
  • Reap, sow."
From Phil Mushnick's NY Post column, 9/23/07 "Race Against Time."

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