Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Finally, the double door swung open, and "out stepped the Boss..." NY Times

"We were chasing what used to be. In a tunnel beneath Legends Field, out of Pavlovian reflex, dozens of reporters and photographers scrambled the instant a double door swung open a few feet away.

  • Out stepped the Boss in a blue jacket. It wasn’t hard to keep pace. As George Steinbrenner headed toward the Yankees’ clubhouse, he wobbled so much on a bad knee he seemed to be fighting rough seas."
From NY Times article by Selena Roberts, 2/14/07, "Sometimes, Moving On Has to Hurt." I usually don't post references to Mr. Steinbrenner's ill health, and Ms. Roberts does continue awhile about his pallor, short phrases, etc. But, I do like the 'theatre of mind' she conjures up with these many folks having waited all day for some news on any number of savory subjects. It's a good thing that when those doors opened it was actually George. In a fairly brief Times Select story she notes the team is now in purgatory--with Manager Joe Torre, the ghost of Bernie Williams, etc. on one hand, and a bunch of upstart squirts dashing through the door. Not that we won't eventually tolerate some of the upstarts, but there are 2 worlds needing to mesh.

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