Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Manny is currently owed $78 million, not the $13 million Sheffield was owed, contrary to "go-to" ESPN guy

Murray Chass discusses simmering Manny talks, with the new team having to pick up "...the remaining two years in Rami­rez'’s contract at $38 million, plus pick up two option years at $20 million a season. Rami­rez would likely require that the option years be guaranteed for him to approve a trade, which he has to do.
  • He also would receive a $1 million payment if he is traded, but the Red Sox would presumably pay that.

The Dodgers, the Giants, the Padres, the Rangers, the Phillies and the Orioles have been mentioned as teams that could get Rami­rez, a 34-year-old slugger, but an executive of one of those clubs said it would be a long shot to get him. The executive said he couldn't be identified because he could be accused of tampering."

  • Is Murray Chass facilitating tampered information? Why would he take the chance of doing so? Why would an alleged "executive" cooperate in this way? Later in his article,
"Estimates among baseball executives, who could not be quoted by name for fear of incurring charges of tampering, ranged up to 250 as to the number of times Ortiz would be walked next season without Rami­rez batting behind him. Not only would the Red Sox lose Rami­rez'’s production, they would also lose much of Ortiz'’s."
  • Does Bud Selig only care about infractions when they're not in the RED SOX' favor?
From NY Times, 11/30/06, article by Murray Chass

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