Friday, October 27, 2006

With a $70 million luxury tax surplus, $12 million going to players for "grievances"

Some grievances reported to be collusion charges from 2002, which the MLB suit says were mentioned without saying they were formally acknowledged (at this time).
  • The Yankee fan contributed $34 million this year in luxury tax, so now they know 1 of the ways in which their hard-earned dollars went flying out the door.
From today's NY Daily News, Bill Madden:
  • MLB executive VP of Labor Relations Rob Manfred last night made a clarification regarding Wednesday's exclusive Daily News report that an element of the new Basic Agreement between the owners and players contained a payoff to the union for collusion practices by the owners in the 2002 free agent period. It was reported by The News that some $12 million was paid out to the union from the $70 million luxury-tax surplus to settle 50 grievances. In fact, said Manfred, it was 45 grievances, and while none of them pertained to the collusion charges raised by several player agents with the union, Manfred acknowledged those charges. "Essentially," he said, "we gave them a payment to settle all the grievances and waive the others (collusion) that were never formally filed. I don't know how many there were, but they can divvy up the money as they see fit."

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