Friday, October 27, 2006

Jeff Suppan's locker is described by the N.Y. Times, 10/27/06

"Suppan, who visited Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican in 2005, has a locker in the corner of the clubhouse that displays a small statue of the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus near a small chain of beads and a tiny crucifix that hang from a hook.

After the game, he refused to discuss his decision to speak out in the commercial.

"“I'’m going to reserve comment,"” Suppan said. "I'’m just going to talk about the game."”

Suppan said there were "“a lot of distractions out there."” He was not specific, but he seemed to be discussing baseball distractions.

"“I wasn'’t fully in command of all my pitches," Suppan said. "“I was trying to change speeds, keep them off balance, and stay in there as long as I could."”

  • Suppan'’s appearance in a charged political campaign was unusual for an athlete playing for the championship of his sport, but it was done with his consent.

    A spokesman for the group that produced the ad said Suppan had taped his statement himself recently and told members of the group to come to his home two days ago to pick it up and insert it into the ad. The time to broadcast the ad was purchased specifically for the Series game in which Suppan would pitch.

    Also appearing in the ad were quarterback Kurt Warner of the Arizona Cardinals and Mike Sweeney of the Kansas City Royals."

From NY Times article by Joe LaPointe, 10/27/06
  • I'm against media members being allowed in athletes' dressing rooms. There's no reason for it. I don't appreciate the NY Times' angle anyway, but in this case I'm relaying it. If they can pick and choose inferences from a player's personal effects and beliefs, I need to know how they're doing it. In this case, of course, Mr. Suppan knows that anything in his locker is open for public scrutiny. sm

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