Friday, June 23, 2006

Sweet, but no mention of Marlins' $15 million payroll/$31 million in revenue sharing

Per Zimbalist, Marlins received $31m in revenue sharing last year, but cut payroll to $15.9 m But Lee Jenkins' NY Times story pours the Kool-Aid. No mention that the Yankee fan not only pays the Marlins' salaries, but also the limos et al. of the the rich moguls who own the team. He passes off another myth on the hackneyed idea of trading Dontrelle Willis-- "It's almost assumed when a big-market team needs something, a small-market team will give it up," said Michael Hill, the Marlins' assistant general manager. "That's not the case here. He's not for sale."
  • According to news reports, the opposite is true. NO ONE suggests the adding machines in smaller markets don't work. If anything, you always hear they drive harder bargains than everyone else. How do you think they got all the free millions from revenue sharing, luxury tax & stadium deals? By bilking larger market teams---who also have much higher living expenses, etc., but they never write about that.

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