Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rockies' Jack Corrigan with Charley Steiner--suggests MLB will 'humidify' balls for all teams

Jack Corrigan, radio voice of the Rockies, predicts 'moisturizing' of baseballs that now goes on in Colorado will be done in all ballparks. Says MLB determined in 2001 that ball could be up to 1/8" smaller & several ounces lighter, and
  • Ball's surface was tighter, pitchers couldn't grasp seams as well.
  • Last night (6/21) was the 22nd game in which the winning team scored 5 runs or less in Rockies ballpark.
  • The humidor has been in effect since 2003, but Rockies pitchers are better now, & the grass is a little higher in the infield and outfield.

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