Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Does Baseball need Wi-Fi?

FORBES says stadium attendance faces a major threat from broadband Internet streams. The New York Times, meanwhile, notes that the source of this streaming--MLB.com--is "big business" for baseball. What does this mean? If baseball teams want to keep from being fleeced, they need to embrace technology themselves, with everything from free wireless connections in the stands to virtual tours of seats that are up for sale. When some stadiums began offering free Wi-Fi connections a few years ago, such as AT&T Park in San Francisco, some people wondered why anyone would want to use their computers while at a ballgame. But anyone familiar with baseball fanaticism knows that statistics are its lifeblood, as well as the ability to keep track of multiple games simultaneously--all of which can be accomplished in real-time only with some form of portable device connected to the Internet. From C-Net News.com 4/3/06

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