Saturday, February 18, 2006

With Grant Paulsen today on XM--Elliott Kalb, Gary Templeton, Ernie Broglio, Bill Chastain

As always a great show from teen phenom Grant Paulsen on Minors & Majors, starts off hosting Elliott Kalb, award winning statistician & author, who contributes a defense of Sammy Sosa's overall status in the game. Gary Templeton calls in live from St. Louis where he's attending a card show. Gary played 16 years in the majors, had 211 base hits in 1979. Ernie Broglio, a 20 game winner in the 60's, is asked by Grant about differences in the game today. Ernie says today you're just supposed to throw hard, & get out after 6 innings; he prefers night games, as hitters have advantage in daylight.
  • Bill Chastain, covering the D-Rays for mlb.com says Joe Maddon has already convinced his pitchers they'll be the best at fielding their positions (sorry strike-out guys).
  • Says whole infield is better because of Travis Lee at 1B, that he's the best fielding 1B he's ever seen.
  • Scott Kazmir wants to compete to be their #1 starter; previous regime felt that might be too much pressure on him, but Kazmir is up for it. Also speaks highly of Edwin Jackson, their recent pick-up from the Dodgers.

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