Friday, February 17, 2006

Gene Orza on XM re Guillen criticisms in SI

Dibs & Kevin read excerpts of O. Guillen's comments in SI, which clearly shocked & disappointed them. Gene Orza comes on to respond, says he's heard about comments, hasn't read them, & expects they'll be regretted. Orza's main focus is to defend Alex Rodriguez' sincerity in choosing which team to play for in the WBC, saying he knows personally how difficult it was for Arod, & that in fact both his parents are Dominican. Dibs & Kevin say if Guillen's comments had been made by an NBA or NFL manager, they'd be fined or otherwise disciplined. He apparently slammed several other managers, complained about the speed limit in the United States, taxes, expectations for civil & considerate behavior, etc. All things that reporters live to hear, but substantially change our perception of O. Guillen for the worse.

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