Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Minnesota's Wayne Krivsky named GM of Reds---Terry Ryan now on XM

Longtime Minnesota Twins assistant GM Wayne Krivsky has been named the new general manager of the Cincinnati Reds, with a 2 year term & mutual option to renew. Terry Ryan now on XM to discuss the Krivsky hiring. Says Krivsky has done about everything a GM will be called upon to do. Dibs asks Terry if US teams will do much scouting at the WBC. Ryan says perhaps the Japanese, Korean, & Taiwanese (also known as Chinese Taipei). Not so much the Caribbean players. Mentions they don't like drafting players from Dominican & Venezuela because the documents are often messed up. For example, 3 teams may think they got the same player. Terry is pleased about the Twins' acquisition of Tony Batista. A Twins scout alerted them that Batista wasn't happy on his Japanese team.

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