Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Buster Olney with Charley Steiner on possible new Reds GM, Will Clark, Raffy, etc.

Dayton Daily News reports Jim Beattie is front runner to be Reds GM. Buster says Castellini is close with Larry Lucchino, who was very high on Beattie, unable to hire him, & likely would've promoted him to Castellini. But, Charley & Buster both see Beattie as much like the fired Dan O'Brien, very deliberate, close to the vest type. This remains to play out. Olney discussing peripheral steroids stories, mentions parallel careers of Will Clark & Rafael Palmiero (who never got along). Raffy was always jealous of Clark, Clark did well but eventually had physical problems. Raffy didn't have the physical problems for some reason. On WBC, both agree it's a good idea but unworkable. Carl Crawford has withdrawn due to wrist problem.

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