Monday, January 30, 2006

BP's Will Carroll joins Jeff Erickson on XM

Will & Jeff discuss the Arizona Diamondbacks, starting with favorite Chris Young, who Will says has great Pecota. May see him by mid-season, great speed & defense, takes walks, reducing SO's, Eric Byrnes keeping outfield spot warm til he gets there. On the legendary El Duque, has had stellar moments, but not sure about depending on him as a 2-3 starter. Infielders Craig Counsell & Orlando Hudson will be great help for pitchers Brandon Webb & Dustin Nippert, who's coming off Tommy John surgery. Will mentions 1 out of 9 pitchers has elbow problems, & how could these injuries be prevented. Diamondbacks have catcher Johnny Estrada, but he has lingering back problems. Brandon Lyon very talented but has some health problems. Great prospects: Stephen Drew, JD Drew's younger brother. Justin Upton, recipient of richest minor league deal of all time (Jeff & Will say he's worth it). But will he thrive if they move him from SS to 3B. Carlos Quentin is good outfield prospect. Veterans Luis Gonzalez & Shawn Green are on the downside. Tomorrow, Jeff will discuss the Colorado Rockies.

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