Thursday, December 29, 2005

"CHARACTER" COUNTS FOR HOF, in spite of what you've heard

BBWAA Hall of Fame Rules state as follows: "#5. Voting shall be based on a player's record, playing ability, INTEGRITY, SPORTSMANSHIP, CHARACTER, AND CONTRIBUTION TO THE TEAM." I wonder how many people realize this? THERE IS TO BE NO DEBATE ABOUT THESE RULES. IF VOTERS OR OTHERS DON'T LIKE THEM, CHANGE THEM. "#6. NO AUTOMATIC ELECTIONS BASED ON PERFORMANCES SUCH AS A BATTING AVERAGE OF .400 OR MORE FOR 1 YEAR...OR SIMILAR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT." I understand that newspapers want to sell copies, sportsradio stations require debate, and websites need traffic. But, deal with the facts. Don't waste our time on false issues. Too many peoples' lives are at stake. RULES FOR ELECTION TO THE HALL OF FAME.

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