Thursday, December 29, 2005

Kevin Millar makes some sense

Via Boston Blood Sox and the Salem News, Kevin Millar comments on the influence of WEEI on Red Sox personnel. Whether or not this is the case, I've listened to WEEI to hear how they deal with Red Sox coverage. I heard Keith Foulke interviewed by them last summer and was sickened. Maybe Foulke or other players have contracts to appear on the station---I don't know. But, no human being and no baseball player should've put up with what Keith Foulke did from these guys on WEEI. I'm not necessarily blaming them---maybe it's customary there. But, the players should not allow themselves to be whipping boys of this station. Foulke took what they said way too seriously. The guys on WEEI sounded like lightweights to begin with. I've heard many interviews of baseball players & personnel around the country & in my opinion, WEEI is taken too seriously.

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