Thursday, June 08, 2017

Asbury Park NJ named 'coolest small town in America.' More than a million people visited Asbury Park in 2016. The town's population is 16,000-Asbury Park Press

June 7, 2017, "Asbury Park named 'coolest small town' in America," Asbury Park Press, Austin Bogues, USA Today Network

"Budget Travel magazine recently named Asbury Park the "coolest small town" in America.

"We love Asbury Park’s cultural diversity, welcoming vibe, and year-round calendar of events: Fourth of July fireworks, Oysterfest, Zombie Walk, and so much more," the magazine said, in an article posted on its website.

"It's one heck of a recognition," said Asbury Park Mayor John Moor, who said his great-grandfather first moved to the shore community in 1888.

"It's a community-wide-recognition and really a great choice," Moor said. "It's really the residents, the businesses, everyone that made this happen."

More than a million visitors came to Asbury Park last year, according to the Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce. The city has a population of just under 16,000. It is about 1.6 square miles."... image of Asbury Park Boardwalk from Asbury Park Press

Editor's note: Jersey Shore summers and baseball are connected. My brother brought a small radio to the beach and tuned to the Yankee radio broadcast. That's how I first heard John Sterling's voice. He's been doing Yankee play by play since 1989. NYC AM radio stations that have carried the Yankees reach the Jersey shore pretty well.

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