Sunday, February 07, 2016

In 1998 when Ken Griffey Jr. hit 56 home runs, Sammy Sosa 66, and Mark McGwire 70, no one on the Yankees hit more than 28 homers (Tino Martinez)

2/5/16, "Pinch hitting: Mike Pinto," Lohud Yankees blog, "Shift happens"

"In ’98, when Ken Griffey Jr. hit 56, Sammy Sosa 66 and Mark McGwire 70 home runs,
Commenters add:

"Ryan Handt Co Owner at Muve Clothing

Hey, Don't let the fact that only 20 players in all of baseball hit over 300 this past year (2015) skew your judgement of the time. In 1996, 47 players hit over 300, and in 98, 49. Baseball is a different game today and it's something you have to accept. I would love a team of 300 hitters, but that's not happening. And your Kansas City Royals had only one player bat over 300 in Cain. They did have a few guys in the 290s, but that's not won the championship. In the post, they had two guys hit over 300 and no one else about 273. What won them the championship was the starting pitching, the lights-out bullpen and scratching across enough runs."

"Josh Hosh Paladino Consumables Sales Associate at Walmart

Their bullpen won them the world series more than having a high batting average did. It certainly is a different game now than 15 to 20 years ago. Offense is way down. Guys who hit .300 are hard to come by now."

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