Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Empire State Building is Colorado Rockies purple on Opening Day 2015

4/6/15, "The @EmpireStateBldg is purple, rotating through @MLB club colors.

Today was fun, we'll do it again tomorrow!" Colorado Rockies twitter 
4/6/15, "Empire State of hue: Landmark gets Opening Day treatment," MLB.com, Spencer Fordin

"All 30 club colors to be represented in rotating display on NYC building"

"The Empire State Building is getting all spruced up for Opening Day.

The iconic New York City landmark will be lit up with a rotating display of all 30 Major League Baseball club colors on Monday night in recognition of the start of the regular season. All of the clubs, from red for the Red Sox to pinstripes for the Yankees, will be represented in the tower's LED lights.

The Empire State Building displayed Yankees pinstripes last September 28 in honor of shortstop Derek Jeter's final game, and it was lit up blue-and-white Dodgers colors for Jackie Robinson Day on April 15.

MLB's regular season began Sunday night with a 3-0 victory by the St. Louis Cardinals over the Chicago Cubs, and Monday features a slate of 14 games. The Yankees, 27-time World Series champions, will begin their season with a home game against the Toronto Blue Jays on Monday afternoon.

The Empire State Building stands 1,454 feet tall and was the world's tallest building from its completion in 1931 until '70, when the World Trade Center was completed. The 102-story landmark is currently listed as the fourth-tallest skyscraper in America and the 25th-tallest building in the world."

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