Thursday, October 02, 2014

New VHF channel Me TV signs on in NY City

10/1/14, "New NYC TV Station signs on the air," NY Radio Message Board

"Posted by Adam C on October 01, 2014 at 22:53:12:

The new Me-TV network affiliate signed on the air earlier this evening. They are currently broadcasting as KVNV 3-10, though I have heard they will be changing call letters to WJLP possibly as soon as midnight tonight."

"Posted by MichaelLewis on October 02, 2014 at 13:40:20:

In Reply to: New NYC TV station signs on the air posted by Adam C on October 01, 2014 at 22:53:12:

The link below is a video of the sign on from the transmitter. Also gives you a good overview of their setup at 4TS. [4 Times Square]

It sounds like Me-TV will be on VHF channel 3 in the NYC area. At about 3:30 on the video they have a nice view of Times Square from the top of the Conde Nast bldg.

Me-TV has a lot of great old tv shows. Columbo is Sunday nights at 8.

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