Saturday, September 27, 2014

Not overrated: Jeter Stadium finale sets ratings record for YES Network-Neil Best, Newsday

9/26/14, "Jeter's Stadium finale sets ratings record for YES," Neil Best, Newsday

"Derek Jeter's home finale Thursday night was the most-viewed Yankees game in the YES Network's 13-season history, averaging 1.25 million viewers and reaching a peak of 1.99 million from 10:15 to 10:30 p.m

The previous high was for an April 3, 2005, game against the Red Sox that averaged 1.21 million viewers.

Thursday's game, in which Jeter singled to drive in the winning run in the ninth inning against the Orioles, averaged 10.8 percent of homes in the New York area.

That night's Giants-Redskins game averaged 1.44 million viewers and 14.1 percent of homes in New York on CBS and the NFL Network combined.

On nights such as Thursday, ratings data does not fully reflect the reality that most area sports fans presumably were flipping back and forth between the two big events."


Comment: I'm not sure of the geographic area for these Jeter/YES ratings. In the third paragraph Mr. Best mentions "the New York area" but that could be a lot of things. I'm curious to know how far away viewers may have been.


Re: "Overrated" reference in this post's headline:

7/15/14, "Derek Jeter Shuts Up All Star Game "Overrated" Heckler with Timely Double," The Big Lead, Mike Cardillo

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