Friday, September 19, 2014

Jeter's last September at the Stadium

"Derek Jeter has had many moments in the sun in his 19 seasons as a Yankee, including his 3,000th hit on July 9, 2011. Typical Jeter flair: No. 3,000 came on a home run. Barton Silverman/The New York Times" 

9/19/14, "Right Up to Retirement, Derek Jeter Is Still Playing the Game," NY Times, Michael Powell

"R.A. Dickey, the Toronto Blue Jay, tossed up a fat mistake of a fastball, and Jeter unleashed that compact swing. The ball soared deep into the left-field stands. Jeter trotted quickly around the bases, no preening. He’d done this 259 times before.

For a minute or so, Yankee Stadium, imposing and vast and exuding that Imperial Stormtrooper vibe, got loud and raucous. There’s a nip to the air, which means September, which means the time of Yankees domination. Except not this year and not last year, either. Save for their loving “Der-ek Je-ter!” chants, the fans passed most of the night in quiet somnolence, like old hounds no longer bothering to respond to the September whistle. The Yankees are driving around in the far suburbs of the playoff race only because several of their rivals are in a state of epic collapse. The Yankees kept a mediocre 5-5 pace in the 10 games entering Friday, and remained five games off the wild-card pace."...

NY Times Jeter slide show

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