Thursday, July 17, 2014

Best place to eat a Frito pie is at a minor league baseball game-NY Times

Alpine Cowboys Texas team

7/15/14, "The best place to eat a Frito pie is at a minor-league baseball game. It’s a pile of Fritos with chili, cheese, jalapeños. But the chili can’t be made with beans--it’s a Texas thing. Some say it’s disrespectful to the beans and the meat because they’re so good on their own....

What’s the drive like from east to west Texas? 

The landscape changes pretty suddenly. Austin is very green: oak trees and, in the spring and early summer, the fields filled with wildflowers. Leading into south Texas, it gets very arid. No more lush green hills. You’re leaving the hill country and entering the high desert, rivers cutting through, creating canyons. In far-west Texas, there are hours where you don’t see anything, no cars. Great rock formations on the side of the road and a huge sky that goes on for miles."

7/15/14, "Eating Across Texas, Puffy Tacos to Frito Pie," NY Times

Image caption: "Ms. Fain had a Frito pie at an Alpine Cowboys game. Credit Lisa Fain"

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