Saturday, March 08, 2014

81% of Arizona Diamondbacks fans think they'll make the playoffs, PPP poll, Feb. 28-Mar. 2

3/6/14, PPP poll: "Despite the state's ancestral ties to a lot of teams who have long held their Spring Training in the state, Arizonans are still strongly Diamondbacks fans. 50% say that's their favorite MLB team to 7% for the Rockies, 5% for the Yankees, 4% for the Red Sox, 3% for the Cubs, and 1 or 2% for every other team polled. Diamondbacks fans are bullish about their prospects for this year- 81% think they'll make the playoffs, 42% think they'll make the World Series, and 23% even think they'll win it."

Full results here."

3/6/14, "McCain Least Popular Senator in Country," Public Policy Polling. Feb. 28-Mar. 2. "870 Arizona voters including 403 Republican primary voters."


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