Monday, November 04, 2013

No garbage dump in residential East 91st St. neighborhood, vote for David Garland, NYC Council Dist. 5 on Nov. 5

No garbage dump on East 91st St. Vote David Garland for New York City Council, District 5 on November 5

 6/28/11, "No Garbage Dumps in Residential Neighborhoods," Huffington Post, Loraine Boyle

"When operating at full capacity, the MTS will create enough pollution to violate EPA’s health standards for outdoor air at Asphalt Green, where tens of thousands of children play. The East 91st Street dump will result in a 16% increase in air pollution and an 8% increase in child hospitalization rates due to asthma and respiratory ailments. The MTS truck ramp will serve up to 500 trucks a day. Sanitation trucks are the deadliest vehicles on the  streets in terms of pedestrian safety."

Images of East 91st St Asphalt Green recreation and play areas and map from NYC Parks

Protect NYC's Children, Stop the 91st St. dump. Top image of garbage dump

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