Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Andy Pettitte career highlights in GIFs-Mearns

11/11/13, "A career in GIFs: Bidding farewell to Andy Pettitte," pinstripealley, Andrew Mearns

"About a month ago, I created a GIF retrospective on Mariano Rivera's career, wherein I created or linked to the 42 best GIFs of his Yankee tenure. That task was a bit of an undertaking, and with all due respect, Andy Pettitte's career has not featured as many incredible moments as Mo's career (not many MLB careers even come close to Mo). However, I felt that the ol' southpaw deserved some due, so while there are not 46 GIFs in this post, here is a solid collection of GIFs which chronicle Andy Pettitte's 18 years in baseball."  Categories include, "The Stare, Early pickoff prowess, Snowy mastery, World Series hero, Astros Andy, Andy at the bat, So long, old friend."

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