Sunday, June 02, 2013

Garrett Jones home run travels into the Allegheny River

6/2/13, Pirates fans watch Garrett Jones home run travel into the Allegheny River in the 8th inning v Cincinnati Reds, final 5-4 Pirates in 11, getty

6/2/13, "Pirates’ Garrett Jones Hits Home Run into River (GIF)," Fansided.com

"Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman Garrett Jones became the first Pirates player to ever hit a ball into the surrounding river on the fly in their third game of the Pirates series with the Cincinnati Reds. It was a heck of a shot that cruised over the wall and out of the park before it came splashing down in the Allegheny River. It was about as powerful of a shot as you will see at PNC Park this season.
If you missed the big shot from Jones, here is your chance to relive it thanks to the wonderful power of the Internet. Here is a GIF of the home run, via Cork Gaines on Twitter. (above) Now that is power. The home run traveled an estimated 463 feet before splashing in to the water. I’m impressed by the composure of bike riding man. The only thing that could have made the GIF better is if he would have taken a little spill and followed the ball in to the river."

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