Friday, May 10, 2013

Robinson Cano not hustling again, examples seen at games v Rockies

5/10/13, NY Post, "On YES, where the Yankees would lose 2-0 in Denver, Robinson Cano already had grounded out three times, each time leisurely leaving the batter’s box, his indifferent baserunning impossible to ignore. Unless you’re a Yankees broadcaster.

Then, with a man on in the ninth and after his fourth grounder to an infielder, Cano was moved to run hard, the last few steps, to avoid a double play. A tape only showed that he barely had beaten the throw.

“Robinson Cano hustling all the way down the line,” John Flaherty said.

Sanctuary! For starters, why wouldn’t he? Why would that be remarkable at any time, let alone with a man on in the ninth, down two?

But the live, visual evidence was to the contrary. Cano, at first, showed no immediate urgency to reach first or he likely would have beaten the throw by plenty.

Once again, we were told to believe what we’re told, not what we see.

Wednesday, top of the first, Cano barely left the box on a fly to left. Neither Bob Lorenz nor Flaherty said a thing about that on YES, which beats being told that he hustled."

5/10/13, "Distractions interrupt coverage," NY Post, Phil Mushnick

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