Friday, May 24, 2013

Big discounts on Red Sox-Yankee tickets for June 2, 8:05pm game

5/24/13, NY Post: "And so, the inevitable: The Yanks, in concert with MasterCard, are running a buy-three, get-four come-on to June 2’s game, first pitch 8:05. Yep, still plenty of seats available. Imagine that, Red Sox-Yanks tickets on special! Yanks will announce 40,000-plus, regardless.

The Mets, as The Post revealed Monday, now are directly dumping tickets on to StubHub, which explains why those who purchased discounted Mets’ tickets from StubHub received thank-you emails from the Mets. In other words, those who purchased season tickets, partial plans and even single game tickets directly from the Mets — ostensibly the Mets’ best customers — are wholesale retail suckers. They paid more — in many cases, a lot more — than those who purchased tickets delivered, on the quiet, to StubHub.

Then again, perhaps the Bernie Madoff Rules still apply: You’re not allowed to ask any questions.
So to whom are duped dopes to complain, Bottom Line Bud? The only monetary grievances MLB addresses are from team owners.

Meantime, in the greed-stricken City of Diminished Returns, even with Matt Harvey expected to start at home against the Yanks on Tuesday, the Mets have concocted a reduced-prices tickets come-on, sans StubHub."...

5/24/13, "Lax tix sales prompt marquee discounts," NY Post, Phil Mushnick

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