Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yankees should trade Mariano Rivera, they don't need him, PR not a big deal as proved when Yankees won 4 World Series after trading an aging Babe Ruth-Tom Van Riper, Forbes

3/28/13, "Yankees Should Trade Robinson Cano And Mariano Rivera," Tom Van Riper, Forbes

"As for Rivera, last season proved that the Yankees don’t particularly need him. With a deep stable of bullpen arms, holding leads after eight innings – Rivera’s only job – isn’t a big problem. And if the team doesn’t contend strongly, the extra one or two wins that Rivera gives them make no real difference anyway. But because most clubs continue to overvalue closers against all the evidence (95% of all ninth inning leads result in victories, rendering a top closer a marginal contributor), the Yanks could probably get a nice haul of young talent by dangling Rivera to a contender.

Conventional wisdom says this will never happen, because public relations rules dictate that Rivera must retire a Yankee. And his swansong season might be one of the few things that the club can market this year. Still, bad P.R. only lasts as long as it takes the club to reach its next World Series.  The Yankees recovered well enough from their unpopular trade of an aging Babe Ruth to Boston in 1935 by winning four straight World Series from 1936 to 1939."...


3/31/13, Baseball Think Factory thread on above article


"The reason we won.’’

3/8/13, "Torre: Rivera the reason Yankees were champs," NY Post, Kevin Kernan

"No one knows The Great Rivera better than Joe Torre, and the former Yankees manager was not afraid to tell the world the impact Mariano Rivera has had on his illustrious baseball life.

He basically made my career in ’96 when we came up with the formula to pitch in the seventh and eighth inning,’’ Torre said yesterday at Chase Field. “You become a much better manager when you only have to manage six [innings]. It was remarkable what we had with him and [John] Wetteland.’’...

The Yankees would not have won those World Series without Rivera’s ability and character....

He’s the greatest ever. It’s a manager’s dream, really. It’s certainly not a knock at the other guys, but first of all, it’s New York, where it’s the biggest fishbowl in the world. The postseason, where everybody gets the chance to scrutinize and he responded. He was more than a closer....His spiritual lifestyle gave him that peace of mind. He’s a special human being. The reason we won.’’"

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